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Is Facebook doomed?

Vivek Wadhwa, Fellow at Stanford University, considers Facebook doomed, because: “Google is exploring uncharted territory and staking its claims to the next trillion-dollar market opportunities. Facebook is mired in the past and squeezing every penny it can out of its… Continue Reading →

The Content Marketing Landscape: how brands are owning breaking news

I hadn’t heard David Shing speak before now, but I’m glad I have now. His brief, but energetic, talk linked below reminds me why this is a great time to be a digital marketer. We’ve moved from the traditional one-to-many… Continue Reading →

Mastering content marketing on LinkedIn

Social strategies and content marketing strategies must be closely coupled in order to work. This is where LinkedIn has emerged as a huge business marketing opportunity. Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, talked recently of his plans for LinkedIn to become… Continue Reading →

No more B2C Marketing Envy

I love being in the consumer marketing business. I spent 6 months at BEA Systems once back in the early 90s, helping with the worldwide launch of a middleware product. When I asked “can I get a demo?” the team… Continue Reading →

B2C marketing on social gets more complex every day — what social fragmentation means

Recent article written and promoted through the ClickZ network — What Social Fragmentation Means for Marketers — speaks to the increasingly fragmented story for brands for marketing on social. We have had considerable success encouraging our brand clients to bring… Continue Reading →

The rising value of LinkedIn

Listening to the quarterly earnings report from LinkedIn this past week, I was really struck by the massive future value of LinkedIn as a hub for professionals worldwide.  This article was written and submitted to Adotas the same day. “Social… Continue Reading →

Moving on from clicks to community

Working with large global consumer brands on Facebook I am reminded daily that success on social is all about community, not about clicks. This is particularly true when it comes to a successful advertising strategy on social. Here’s an excerpt:… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Boost Engagement on Facebook with Social Engagement Apps

This month, we released a White Paper that documented our best practices when it comes to social engagement apps on Facebook.  You can read the results in this article published on ClickZ — “10 Ways to boost Engagement on Facebook… Continue Reading →

ClickZ here we come!

Just be asked to write a blog post every month this year for ClickZ, the leading brand blog. Excited! First article due next week. Think I’ll work with Roger Katz on continuing the mobile social thread … it’s important, and… Continue Reading →

2013 is the Mobile Social Marketing

Mobile Social Marketing.  It’s what I live and breathe. Here’s an article written and placed in ADOTAS this week.  Everything I need to say is in here. No need to repeat! “2013: The Year of Mobile Social Marketing.”

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