No more B2C Marketing Envy

I love being in the consumer marketing business. I spent 6 months at BEA Systems once back in the early 90s, helping with the worldwide launch of a middleware product. When I asked “can I get a demo?” the team looked at me blankly. “A demo? No. It’s middleware.” That was when I finally decided I’d never work on marketing something I couldn’t use, play with, get the feel of and have fun with. And consumer tech marketing was where I could do all that. But it’s changing. B2B marketing is getting more entertaining. B2B marketing is definitely getting the zing of B2C. And content marketing will be the way it happens. Instead of blasting out one-to-many messages to consumers, businesses are forced consider what they can offer to help those consumers do their job better. Content creation is a challenge, but a good one. It forces businesses to think about their consumers — to focus on what’s important to them, and what they can offer that helps. Read this recent article written for, and placed last week in ClickZ “No More B2C Marketing Envy.” .