The Content Marketing Landscape: how brands are owning breaking news

I hadn’t heard David Shing speak before now, but I’m glad I have now. His brief, but energetic, talk linked below reminds me why this is a great time to be a digital marketer. We’ve moved from the traditional one-to-many form of advertising and marketing to one-to-one-to-many. Social isn’t a place you go. It’s a thing you do. And in marketing, it’s all social.

Here are some key points that David made, but don’t use this to avoid watching him speak. He’s worth the time.

The Content Marketing Landscape from NewsCred on

  • Content in the right context is the new black
  • Brands are starting to ‘own’ breaking news
  • The land grab for ‘likes’ is over; attention is the new currency; mindshare=marketshare; you can like my shoes, my hat, my bag before and instead of liking ME
  • Agencies are still talking ‘rates’; brands are talking in terms of consumer identity — there’s a disconnect!
  • Brands are still spending 78% of their budget on broadcast, TV and print — that’s all wrong!
  • Content does not compete with advertising, it competes with popular culture
  • The future is NOW — think about mobile local alerts; crowd payments; augmented reality games; distributed social networks; wearable tech; screenless devices; nano; personal transport
  • The new form of entertainment is personal expression — that’s what brands are competing with today
  • Utility is critical — be useful at the same time as entertaining and informing — how can you be useful today as a brand?
  • Stop thinking about mobile as the ‘second’ or ‘third’ screen; it’s the first screen!
  • If you think, as a brand, that if you build an app ‘they will come.’ They won’t. People have an average of 40 some apps on their smart phone, but use only 4 or 5 of them.
  • Mobile is no longer about SoLoMo. It’s about HoMo. (Home Mobile)! 68% of mobile minutes are used up at home. (I need to source this stat.)
  • People buy emotionally, and then rationalize; in retail people love wait lists, short supply, continuous updates — what does this mean for your retail brand?
  • People’s behaviors are influenced by their peers — how can you have an experience as a brand? If you make good content, it will be passed around. And don’t think that individuals create viral videos — most are professionally produced now!
  • What’s your KPI? Will it be passed along! That’s how you judge if it worked!
  • Where can you embed your brand in places where you can’t even buy media?
  • What’s the harmonious story you can tell across sites?
  • What’s reactive, remarkable, relevant about your brand?
  • Screens that talk to each other is coming — TV, tablet, smartphone