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It’s an exciting time to be a graduate… Steve Blank’s commencement speech

When I graduated college, I don’t even recall there was a commencement speech. Presumably there was. But I don’t recall a single nanosecond of it. Nothing was said to kick me into the world, all fired up and ready to change… Continue Reading →

I’m starting to get TV on my own terms

Back in 2009, I wrote about how I wanted ‘movies on my own terms.’ I came across that blog recently.  I was pleased that things have got better, but I realize that we still have a way to go. An… Continue Reading →

I miss my vinyl albums

I was reading this article from Digital Music News today “Recording Industry In 2009: Albums Down 12.7 Percent, Digital Still Gaining” that reports vinyl LP sales in 2009 were up 33% to 2.5 million. What’s that? Vinyl LP sales? Really?… Continue Reading →

Sorting out my digital viewing

With all these tasty announcements from CES of my future TV viewing toys, I amuse myself by looking at the utter muddle of my own TV viewing life. Let’s see I have; * A Netflix account; they love me at… Continue Reading →

Please, please, BBC and Google…. make it so

Read this on the Telegraph today: BBC and Google in talks to launch international iPlayer site. Please say it’s so. The BBC has the best content ever, and we could all benefit from it. Once again, the BBC leads the… Continue Reading →

Need a seriously good belly laugh?

I just love podcasts. And the BBC, I think, has some of the best out there. A new one I just ‘discovered’ is Friday Night Comedy Night. You can discover it here: Do yourself a favor and subscribe. You… Continue Reading →

I want my BBC!

I grew up with the BBC. I love the BBC. I have family members and good friends who work there, or who have worked there. I feel about the BBC as I do a kindly Uncle or a well-loved, well-read… Continue Reading →

I want my movies on my own terms

So these days, I have my Netflix account connected to my TiVo. I have my Amazon account connected to my TiVo. I have my iTunes connected to my TV via a video cable. So when it comes to deciding where… Continue Reading →

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