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Facebook vs LinkedIn — this will be interesting

Facebook vs LinkedIn — this will be interesting. Facebook will face some interesting challenges with their Facebook At Work product, not the least of which is the psychology of the user.

70 Percent of digital users cross from device to device. Can your online biz handle it?

I just bought a new iPad. I can’t believe I’m saying that because when I bought my first iPad I thought it was the most expensive, frivolous toy I’d ever purchased. Then it became my new best friend. I became… Continue Reading →

ClickZ here we come!

Just be asked to write a blog post every month this year for ClickZ, the leading brand blog. Excited! First article due next week. Think I’ll work with Roger Katz on continuing the mobile social thread … it’s important, and… Continue Reading →

2013 is the Mobile Social Marketing

Mobile Social Marketing.  It’s what I live and breathe. Here’s an article written and placed in ADOTAS this week.  Everything I need to say is in here. No need to repeat! “2013: The Year of Mobile Social Marketing.”

It’s time to mobilize your social fans

With Cyber Monday in the rear view mirror, here are some thoughts on the importance of capturing the mobile follower. Since joining Friend2Friend, we have ensured that every social branded experience is fully mobile-ready.  It’s been great to put all… Continue Reading →

Social mobile is exploding

Every key indicator worth watching shows that the mobile Internet is exploding. The market has now finally reached a point where smartphone and tablet usage, and accompanying Internet speed and application performance, are such that users actually find their phones… Continue Reading →

I am Droid’ing… and it’s growing on me

Naturally, given past behaviors, I was one of first in line to get the iPhone 4. I was so excited. Two weeks later, I returned the phone. The dropped-call experience was a joke — I don’t think I never completed… Continue Reading →

Plenty of room for non-games in top iPhone spots

Looking today at the top 100 grossing apps for the iPhone. You can see them yourself here. (Will launch iTunes.) Of the top 100, 68 are games. 32 are various productivity or travel helping apps, including smattering of adult stuff… Continue Reading →

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