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A great corporate story: Zappos

Zappos is a marketer’s dream. They have a story. And the story is fun to tell! I have learned a huge amount from watching them tell their story. And their story is not just about being an online shoe retailer…. Continue Reading →

How much cooler could Flip get?

I have to admit it. I’m biased. Not just because my life-so-far-partner Peter Winer is the lead engineer on the new Flip Channels product. But because I think the Flip video camera is just the perfect juxtaposition of cool and… Continue Reading →

Do you know who your real friends are?

Reading the New York Times’ piece “What Do Friends Mean.” Quote: “Today’s idea: The rise of social media and the downturn in the economy have people thinking long and hard about the value and meaning of friends — psychologically, socially… Continue Reading →

Social conversations — the shock of the new

I have learned more from being the official Photobucket tweeter ( in the past few months, then over two years of watching customer service reports, following Yahoo Answers, searching blogs for our brand and more. The immediacy of reply, and… Continue Reading →

Nerds Rule — for this teen

I am fascinated that the Vlogbrothers are one of my 13-year old daughter’s favorite channels on YouTube. These guys are seriously nerdy. She falls over laughing watching them. You never can tell, can you? Love it.

“Only” 8% of teens watch TV online” Only?

Just finished reading this report from The Hollywood Reporter: a survey about teen TV watching habits you can read here. The report states that “only” 8% of teens say they watch TV online.” But I honestly think this summary of… Continue Reading →

Are you tweeting too hard?

… then you may appear on this site: I spent an amused 15 minutes trolling the site. What a lot of self-important people there are out there. Can’t you hear yourselves?! Note to self: humility is a good thing…. Continue Reading →

Awkward Family Photos — fabulously viral

I have had this site shared with me five or six times in the past two weeks. It’s hysterical and weirdly compelling. Take a look.

tweetmeme — what’s popular when

tweetmeme is my new toy for watching what’s going on in the Twitosphere. It allows you to watch for any terms and get stats for the last day, week and month. I particularly like the categories, where you can… Continue Reading →

Thought provoking: why there will be many twitters

Dave Winer got me thinking. As he regularly does. “Why there will be many Twitters.” Twitter is a vast, amorphous group of people most of which I have ZERO interest in. There’s just too much and it’s overwhelming. It is… Continue Reading →

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