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Who am I today?

I have the following profile pictures: IM (Yahoo, AOL, MSN), Twitter, LinkedIn my blog, my Facebook page, my MySpace page. There’s probably more, I just can’t think of them right now. I just updated my Twitter picture. But that leaves… Continue Reading →

Now I can find out what it’s all about

I just started using two tools … and The first tells me why certain things are trending on Twitter. The second gives me an up-to-date cloud of tweets. Both very useful. Try them out!

Using Social Media to Change the World

I am reading this article “Using Social Media to Change the World” about how you can expand your base of donors and supporters for just about anything. I have recent experience of this. I am participating in a sponsorship hike… Continue Reading →

Twitter — shiny new toy

So Ashton’s got a million followers. Oprah introduced legions to Twitter. It’s not a shiny new toy any more. It’s time to write about how it will mature. The more I use Twitter, the more I love it. But time… Continue Reading →

The art (and science) of re-tweeting

Dan Zarrella has written an interesting post about what makes a tweet more likely to get re-tweeted. There’s lots of fun data in there, as well as an impressive algorithm or two, but here’s the crux of the advice: Ask… Continue Reading →

Are you parents on Facebook?

I’m loving this YouTube video asking two kids “Are your parents on Facebook?” Absolutely LOVE the second guy. Talking about his mother: “She also has a Twitter. I don’t have a Twitter. Which makes me even more embarrassed.” I probably… Continue Reading →

The changing consumer experience

Very interesting report put out by Razorfish (been around a while, right? wasn’t sure they still were, but apparently they are). Called The Changing Consumer Experience. You can get it here for free. Here are some of the interesting trends… Continue Reading →

Stephen Fry — he’s keeping it real on Twitter

I just started following Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) on Twitter. Reading through his Tweets, I feel that he actually is writing the Tweets himself. That sounds disingenuous. It’s not meant to be. When I follow well-known people on Twitter, they just… Continue Reading →

Twitter — Fool’s Gold?

Everyone has drunk the Twitter Kool Aid it seems. And more people are jumping onto the bandwagon today, hoping not to miss out on the ride — let’s hope it’s not a ride right over a cliff. I am intrigued… Continue Reading →

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