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Google+ — one week later

I was just writing an email to someone about what I thought about Google+ one week later. Here’s what I said, unedited: 1. There’s a thrill of the new thing going on. You can start over with your friend lists…. Continue Reading →

Google+ — the thrill of starting over

Your life got messy. You have friends you wish you could just slough off. You’re bored with most of them, and others you feel you wish you could ignore without seeming rude. So isn’t it fun to start over? There… Continue Reading →

Two million songs in one week?

Yup that’s right. The Beatles have sold 2,000,000 songs in their first week on iTunes. Lest you be in any doubt about the power of Apple and iTunes. How could anyone be? It’s my default location for buying or renting… Continue Reading →

I am Droid’ing… and it’s growing on me

Naturally, given past behaviors, I was one of first in line to get the iPhone 4. I was so excited. Two weeks later, I returned the phone. The dropped-call experience was a joke — I don’t think I never completed… Continue Reading →

The curious potential of Chatroulette

Despite all the waving body parts of Chatroulette, I keep thinking how unbelievably great this platform could be for fostering interesting interactions between strangers. Check out this video: Edgier brands are already finding ways to market their brand on chatroulette…. Continue Reading →

My first weekend with the iPad

So naturally I was waiting in line for the Apple store in Palo Alto to open so I could get my Kindle immediately! Back in October, I was already planning this. The verdict? While I could live without one, I… Continue Reading →

Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change.

Reviewing the Pew Research Center Report “The Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change.” (I know I don’t need to tell you that the Millennials are 18-28 year olds.) As this audience represents the vast majority of the people I “talk”… Continue Reading →

I miss my vinyl albums

I was reading this article from Digital Music News today “Recording Industry In 2009: Albums Down 12.7 Percent, Digital Still Gaining” that reports vinyl LP sales in 2009 were up 33% to 2.5 million. What’s that? Vinyl LP sales? Really?… Continue Reading →

Evony Video Game Ads

I’ve had cause to review Evony ads recently. Users I’m working with now find them offensive. I can see why. They range from Victoria Secret style underwear to borderline violent with obvious phallic symbols. Still. It’s a free world. I… Continue Reading →

I want to get me one of these

I can’t wait for the Apple’s tablet. Sorry, Amazon. I have a Kindle. I just don’t like it. For a start, I keep poking the screen trying to navigate. I hate the flash as it moves through pages. I hate… Continue Reading →

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