“Only” 8% of teens watch TV online” Only?

Just finished reading this report from The Hollywood Reporter: a survey about teen TV watching habits you can read here. The report states that “only” 8% of teens say they watch TV online.” But I honestly think this summary of the report is weirdly skewed to send a “calm down, TV industry” message. TV watching online is an inevitable tsunami of behavior, and saying it’s going to happen slowly is flying in the face of everything we’ve all seen in Internet behavior over the past 10 years.

Here’s a quote:

About 8% of respondents who watch repurposed TV online (18% among teens) said they watch TV less often. Indeed, just 3% of adults (compared to 4% last year) said they would consider disconnecting their TV service to watch exclusively online.

It seems to me that’s a notably significant portion of this audience who is watching TV less often. I need to get my hands on the report, because this summary appears contradictory and confusing.

Update to this post: see my second post about how online TV just as big as network TV. Don’t bury your head in the sands, network TV. This is coming!