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The corporate website is dead. Long live storytelling digital homes.

The corporate website is dead. The days of “press release PR” are over. So says CocaCola. Welcome to brand storytelling by Coke. In 2014, I think we’ll expect to see more brands blowing up their corporate websites, and rebuilding them… Continue Reading →

Content that rocks for millennials

Thanks to Ryan Donegan for prompting some excellent ideas on the subject of marketing to millennials.  Been spending a lot of time recently considering what content ‘works’ and what doesn’t.  On social, consumers “own” the brand, but what’s more important… Continue Reading →

Content marketing and social — putting fans and followers to work!

Content marketing is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for both business and consumer brands today. As brands look to expand their reach online and engage audiences beyond ‘interruptive’ advertising, they’re increasingly looking to cultivate shareable content that is… Continue Reading →

Startup postmortems — they’re all the rage right now

I have been involved in many startups. The same problems come up time and again. But it seems that teams often just want to go out and learn lessons the hard way, just because they believe that’s the only way… Continue Reading →

Make a Mantra

Advice from Guy Kawasaki.

No more B2C Marketing Envy

I love being in the consumer marketing business. I spent 6 months at BEA Systems once back in the early 90s, helping with the worldwide launch of a middleware product. When I asked “can I get a demo?” the team… Continue Reading →

B2C marketing on social gets more complex every day — what social fragmentation means

Recent article written and promoted through the ClickZ network — What Social Fragmentation Means for Marketers — speaks to the increasingly fragmented story for brands for marketing on social. We have had considerable success encouraging our brand clients to bring… Continue Reading →

How do you create a social loyalty loop?

Opinion piece written and placed in MarketingProfs — how do you create a social loyalty loop? The article covered: The definition of Social Loyalty Loop Four ways to fuel a social loyalty loop How to use social media to engage… Continue Reading →

Why engagement is the key to success on Facebook

Article written and placed discussing how brands must look to engagement as the key to success on Facebook. It’s been 17 years since the first online banner ads appeared on the Internet. 15 years since the Internet Advertising Bureau was… Continue Reading →

Welcoming Facebook’s redefinition of advertising

Blog post written and published about the latest updates to Facebook, announced February 2012. You can read the full post here.

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