The Secrets of Apple’s Marketing

We can only all dream of being part of a marketing dream machine like Apple, Inc. Today, I was forwarded an interesting PDF written by Steve Chazin. You can find the PDF (and hire Steve!) yourself here:

Here’s a summary of the secrets. But read it yourself too!

1. Don’t sell products. People buy what other people have. Make it easy for people to sell your product for you. With Apple, it’s a lifestyle not a product thing. You want to dance like someone with an iPod.

2. Never be the first to market. Make something good greater. Improve the world. Fix something that already exists on the shelf. Focus on the one thing you do better than anyone, and make that matter.

3. Empower early adopters. Encourage and share real user’s unbiased, heartfelt reporting. Help them market for you.

4. Make your message memorable. Boil it down to its syrupy goodness. Think big. Write small. Work on a tight, memorable message.

5. Go one step further. Surprise and delight your customers. Focus on the feel. What’s your equivalent to that beautiful Apple un-wrap experience?