Renovate to innovate – how mediated APIs and microservices are delivering faster innovation cycles

Every company today that wants to reach employees and customers in a highly-connected ‘digital’ world, must invest in new technology, business models and engineering processes that result in rapid innovation cycles and create greater value. This is how the world competes today.

As the speed of innovation accelerates, every technology executive works to keep pace with competition and increase business. This movement for faster innovation is driving fundamental changes in companies across all industries — from consumer-facing to B2B models.

While the demands are the same for all companies, it bears mentioning that for technology organizations with existing applications and products, the challenges are more complex versus a start-up that carries no baggage from legacy systems or technical debt. Startups can move quicker and impact market share of an existing enterprise or ISV, so the urgency for established companies to ‘transform’ is exacerbated.

That said, at the other end of the spectrum, large organizations like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, eBay and others have already been “digitally transformed.” They led the charge by pioneering, launching and operating wholly new architectures capable of handling their super-connected world of customers.

I recently researched this topic for revolution for Daitan Group, a company that provides high-quality software development services to significantly accelerate time to market for global technology companies.

I looked at how Daitan has presented approaches successfully deployed on multiple occasions for both mature ISVs and enterprise environments faced with the business imperative to accelerate innovation and leverage their existing assets without disrupting operations of an existing application. How they, in short, help their clients ‘renovate to innovate.’

Read the Daitan Group White Paper for more information.