Preparing for the Citizen Developer Revolution

I recently researched and wrote about the Citizen Developer revolution for Daitan Group, a company that provides high-quality software development services to significantly accelerate time to market for global technology companies.

Over the past five years, enterprises have been undergoing a fundamental shift in how they are run and operated. Market forces are driving them to improve customer service and accelerate how they embrace agile business innovation in their applications, products and services. The emergence of the digital enterprise reflects this transformation.

A common thread runs through these changes: the desire to accelerate business innovation, improve customer service and empower people at the business operational level to deliver on agile innovation without delay. In this context, the API Economy emerged. Applications powering today’s digital enterprise have been forced to ‘open up’ to allow third-party applications to access the valuable data, events and insights they host. I also researched the topic of the API Economy, and digital enterprises, for Daitan Group.

Now there is a third wave evolution — indeed a revolution — occurring. That of the Citizen Developer. A revolution that has come about entirely as a result of the digital enterprise and API Economy transformations. With it comes a new set of challenges, and significant new business opportunities for the ISVs powering today’s digital enterprises.

Now we can all be Citizen Developers!

This investigation was empowering. Mostly because I realize that I am, myself, now officially a Citizen Developer! Finally I can call myself a Developer! (Of sorts.) I signed up to use IFTTT when it first came out. I’ve self-studied Salesforce integrations. I’ve started to investigate Zapier Zaphooks to, for example, expand my usage of Hubspot marketing automation. It continues to be a wonderful time to be a marketer!

Read the Daitan Group White Paper for more information.