Do your social posts survive the re-share test?

artofsmOn my weekend walk, I listened to this Jay Baer podcast of an interview with Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist at Canva and author along with Peg Fitzpatrick, Head of Social Strategy at Canva.

The podcast is part of Guy and Peg’s book tour to promote their new book ‘The Art of Social Media,’ a book they have filled with power tips for power social media users.

Here my five key takeaways from this podcast:

  1. Pass the ‘re-share’ test. If you post content that doesn’t inform, entertain, enlighten, interest you, then you’re unlikely to inform, entertain, enlighten or interest anyone else either, and they won’t re-share your content. A focus on interesting content is a natural ‘dampener’ for promotional posts (‘buy my book,’ and ‘50% off today’) which is altogether a good thing.
  2. Do visuals well.  Social is all about visuals now. People re-share visually charged social posts many times more than they do text only posts.  It’s the difference between being noticed, and not being noticed.
  3. Post often, at regular intervals.  Guy and Peg didn’t completely align with their opinions on this. Guy believes you can safely post 10 – 12 times a day on all channels. Peg scales that back to 3 – 4 times. But nonetheless, more is better.
  4. It’s totally OK to re-post content you’ve already posted.  This morning’s post will already have scrolled off by this afternoon, so do it again.  You can change it up, or not. Depending on what’s working.
  5. Google+ — keep trying.  If only because posts in Google+ show up in Google search rankings, and who can argue with that?  Google+ posts can be like mini blog posts, with great imagery, hashtags, and lots of other social goodness.  Note that “Do Share” is the only app apparently that can post to a Profile, as opposed to just a Page, on Google+. Who knew? Not me. I’m still on the post-to-profile waitlist on Buffer.

You can check out the podcast here: