Vote: Who Pulled Off the Most Awesome Viral Stunt of the Year?

AdAge asks who pulled off the most awesome viral stunt of the year.

I picked the PepsiMax — with a huge salute to Travis Okulski for allowing the pee-in-your-pants video to be aired by Pepsi. I don’t think I would have kept my cool, and continued calling the cab driver “Sir” throughout … and Jeff Gorden? He has a career in movies.

But also would loved to have picked Amazon. The Amazon Air Prime video totally got the nod for starting conversations in the “real” world … I can’t tell you how many people talked to me about this video when it came out. Was it real? Could it be done? Was Amazon really going to get into this business? Do I really need things in 30 minutes? What do I need in 30 minutes? Chocolate? Condoms? Cheez-its? The end result was lots of thoughts about how Amazon was ‘owning it’ in online delivery, and probably would own the future too. Good for Amazon.

The Volvo Truck video made me cringe. Ugh. I don’t like thinking about Van Damme’s crotch. And I’m really not in the business for Volvo Trucks anyway, and never will be.

Photoshop Live was cute, but did it really show me what was so cool about Photoshop? No. It just made me realize I probably couldn’t do any of those features as well as the bloke in the van with the pen tablet. And I went to art school. So I felt disconnected.

WestJet? Boring. Any video that starts with that faux Father Christmas voice (I’m English. He’s not Santa Claus) and sounds like “Twas the Night Before Christmas” will make me head for the hills.