Top 5 mobile advertising trends to watch

Life at Loopt is a blast. For those of you that know me, mobile is the only thing I talk about these days. Interesting article in Mashable today — top 5 advertising trends to watch:

  1. SMS continues to grow and be important
  2. Experimentation with rich media
  3. Mobile sites vs mobile apps (personally I think these will merge to some extent in interesting ways; Apps will incorporate more and more HTML pages that look like App pages; just need to solve performance issues and you can bypass the whole App submission tango when you want to release new stuff). I remain amazed at how many sites stink on even the fancy iPhone and Android devices I used. Estimates state that by 2014 25% of Internet traffic will be on a mobile device. 25%! So for heaven’s sake don’t wait until then to get your Web site mobile-optimized.
  4. Interest in geo-location (no duh!)
  5. Growth of mobile video

Love it all. For someone whose mobile life started lugging around an Apple II, it’s never been so fun to be in high tech.