My first e-book vacation

I just returned from my first iPad vacation. For the very first time, I took not a single “physical” book. Just an iPad, pre-populated with some yummy literary treats. The outcome? Good, but mostly not so good.

Good because it was easy to pack and lightweight and convenient, and I could bring five books and know that if I didn’t like one I could try another.
Not so good for more reasons: first, I felt compelled to continue to check my e-mail while I was away. Hard not to. It was just a click away. Second, my kids snuck off with my iPad at every opportunity, to indulge in some Angry Bird baiting or heavy duty Facebook action. And finally, I couldn’t take it outside. The screen just doesn’t work in bright sunlight. And the beach? Forget it. I have no problem leaving a tatty paperback and a beach towel behind while I have a quick dip. But not my precious iPad.
So I won’t be doing that again. Unless it’s a solo/grown ups only trip to Florence or similar for the weekend.
Having said that, I’m reading a ton more at home. I’ve gone from reading about two books a month to four or five. I’m loving loving loving downloading Kindle samples. I am astonished at just how much money I am sending Amazon, and how lovingly they take care of me. They are figuring it out.
So I’m now officially fully embracing the e-book world. Just not on the beach.