Is your perception about what works for teens accurate?

Study by Fuse Marketing’s Bill Carter: “Teen Advertising Study” May 2009.

Teens were asked these questions. The percentage represents the number of teens who confirm that belief:

  1. TV is the best way to reach them — 75% agree
  2. “Friended” a brand on a social network — 30% agree
  3. Think in-game ads work and are effective — 10% agree
  4. Approve of text messaging by brands — 10% agree
  5. Think magazine ads are effective way to reach them — 50% agree
  6. Think use of celebrities/athletes is an appealing way to reach them — 20% agree

Sometimes your belief about brands can be inaccurate when you actually talk to what teenagers are saying.

The last question about celebrities is interesting.

Teens want to see ads that include “people that look like me.” They don’t want to see celebrities and athletes. The Verizon “can you hear me now?” guy has been a very effective ad since 2002. That character, and those commercials, ranks as the #1 most effective ad that teens say works for them in the mobile category. (My thought: maybe the celebrity distracts from the message? Do you look at beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones, or think about the message of the ad she features? She is mightily distractingly beautiful.)

Bill believes that the teens think the use of celebrities maybe too excessive. Maybe they think they are too cool for that. More study needs to be done as to why celebrities in ads apparently turn off the teens.