I want my movies on my own terms

So these days, I have my Netflix account connected to my TiVo.

I have my Amazon account connected to my TiVo.

I have my iTunes connected to my TV via a video cable.

So when it comes to deciding where to get my movies, and what to watch, it’s a muddle. Is it in my Amazon queue, my Netflix “watch instantly” list, or in my iTunes?

Worse still, is that the selection of movies and TV shows on Netflix watch instantly, Amazon Unbox and iTunes is simply not good enough. The really good stuff is only available if I have my act much more together than I actually do. I can never find the Netflix envelopes, I keep losing the DVDs, or I find them covered in jam and dog hair under the sofa.

This shouldn’t be so hard. What I want is simple. One “watch instantly” list on my TiVo, managed on my computer. I should be able to plan Friday night Movie Night an hour or two beforehand, and have a nice queue of good movies waiting for me when I get home.

I don’t much care if I buy / rent the movies from Amazon, iTunes or Netflix. Just give me instant access, a good selection and one place to go. I’ll pay for it. Happily.