I take it ALL back — thank you Amazon!

Back in October I ragged about the Kindle. In my defense, it was mostly about the touchy-feely bit of the Kindle. The device itself stunk, IMO.

As a passionate reader (been in the same Book Club for almost 16 years now) I have a highly emotional relationship with books and reading.

As an early adopter of technology, I bought the Kindle as soon as it came out. I had this plan that all my marketing wonk books could travel with me wherever I went, and when I needed to think about something, I could refresh my memory, get ideas, and get down with Seth Godin on demand.

But I really, really couldn’t deal with the Kindle. I hated the screen. It flashed all the time. I poked. I prodded. I lost my place in the book. I couldn’t browse. I pressed buttons too many times while waiting for updates, and went all over the wrong part of town. It made me feel old and stupid.

Then I got me my iPad. And I went away for a few days and forgot to bring my latest book with me (gasp). So I thought I’d test out the reading experience on the iPad and I bought the book I was then reading — along with the rest of the known world — Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Now I had been reading on the iPad lots. I wasn’t JUST playing Bejewelled…. I read loads of newspapers and Web sites on it. But I hadn’t read a book.

And now look at me. Two weeks later, and I’ve now read all three of Stieg’s books in rapid succession. (A Stieg binge if you like.) All on the Kindle App for the iPad.

It’s like crack. It’s an addiction. I can get (almost) any book I want. Instantly. I can dip in and out of books. My library is with me wherever I go. Before I knew it, I’d got the complete works of Shakespeare. I bought two Ian McEwan books within 2 minutes of each other — Solar (don’t miss it) and Comfort of Strangers (unsettling). I bought two more Seth Godin books. I bought the Odyssey for heaven’s sake. I was going book wild!

I wasn’t surprised to hear that Kindle versions of books are now outselling hard cover books. I was fascinated to read about Wiley’s new deal with Amazon for exclusive rights to e-versions of some of its books.

I still find the iPad tiring to read in long spells. But I like that I don’t need a book light now!

So I take it all back. I can be an e-reader. I can. I can. Guess I’m not so old and stupid after all.

One thought on “I take it ALL back — thank you Amazon!”

  1. Totally agree. the Kindle app on iPad is awesome, and I too have just finished the Stieg trilogy on it, my first foray into ebook-dom. As an added benny, I put the Kindle app on my ancient iPhone too, and love that it can sync up to where I am, so I can score book-reading time otherwise wasted waiting for bank tellers, car wash, etc. Isn't tek grand?

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