Giving away content of value — for free

Content marketing best practices are telling brand marketers to find that valuable piece of content and charge for it, with a coupon or a dollar value, or in some other nefarious way that delivers an immediately measurable ROI.

But there’s another way to look at it. The best content is the content that audiences want to enjoy and cherish, that they value and potentially would pay for if they could.  

Brands that have the courage to give away for free something that the reader would otherwise pay for are in it for the long view. And they get something back — loyalty and long term customer value.

Altimeter does this so well. I learn from every new report they distribute. And, not being part of a large and rich organization who can afford delicious — and expensive — Forrester reports and Gartner Group studies, I sincerely appreciate the work and effort that goes into an Altimeter report, and the value they are giving me, without asking me to pay. So thank you Altimeter. I appreciate it.