“Airbnb for office space” — the power of a comparison

When I read that this new company was the “Airbnb for Office Space” I knew exactly and precisely what it was. What power! For both the little startup, HiRise, and a testimony to what Airbnb has accomplished.

But it only works if the compared company is (1) known, and (2) respected/liked/admired. You wouldn’t want to be the “Ford Pinto of bicycles” now would you?

Getting back to HiRise. Nice story out of the gate on the WashingtonPost. But wait. I went to a new window and entered hirise.com. Did I go to this stealthily interesting new startup? No I didn’t. I went somewhere else completely.

So guys, if you have a few $K to spare in your angel fund, please, please spend it on a decent domain. Don’t make people get lost, and give up. Offer whomever is sitting on your domain $20K to buy it from them. Chances are, they’ll bite. Or they’ll say no. And what have you lost? It’ll cost you much more to direct people to your kludgy domain through advertising than the cost of a decent domain. If you don’t know how to buy it, GoDaddy.com will help you out.

Enough said. Yay for (go)Hirise.com. Nice idea.