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March 2009

The changing consumer experience

Very interesting report put out by Razorfish (been around a while, right? wasn’t sure they still were, but apparently they are). Called The Changing Consumer Experience. You can get it here for free. Here are some of the interesting trends… Continue Reading →


Building a corporate blog site

I recently spoke to the folks at Typepad about building a corporate blog. The details of the article are here: My advice for other corporate bloggers is summarized as follows: Don’t commit to anything you’re not prepared to follow… Continue Reading →

@starbucks — it’s all about the coffee (of course)

Just started following @starbucks. Naturally, it’s all about coffee. Lots of flavors and permutations. But I like the way they answer their users … they seem real.

Staying in touch with teens

As part of my job, I think a great deal about how to connect with teens. But the thinking goes way deeper than it just being part of my job. I have two teen girls in my household. So that… Continue Reading →

Facebook and MySpace Fan Pages — simply more fun and engaging than ads

MySpace and Facebook record impressive time on site numbers. According to comScore, Facebook users spend at least 9.8 minutes/visit on the site and MySpace* users 16.2 minutes/visit**. (Though I have to say there must be a whole load of people… Continue Reading →

I want my BBC!

I grew up with the BBC. I love the BBC. I have family members and good friends who work there, or who have worked there. I feel about the BBC as I do a kindly Uncle or a well-loved, well-read… Continue Reading →

Getting started with your brand on Twitter

A while ago, I started tweeting. Somewhat late to the game … by Silicon Valley standards … but way early by the standards of the rest of the normal, sentient world. I wrestled my company’s URL — from some… Continue Reading →

Stephen Fry — he’s keeping it real on Twitter

I just started following Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) on Twitter. Reading through his Tweets, I feel that he actually is writing the Tweets himself. That sounds disingenuous. It’s not meant to be. When I follow well-known people on Twitter, they just… Continue Reading →

I want my movies on my own terms

So these days, I have my Netflix account connected to my TiVo. I have my Amazon account connected to my TiVo. I have my iTunes connected to my TV via a video cable. So when it comes to deciding where… Continue Reading →

Twitter — Fool’s Gold?

Everyone has drunk the Twitter Kool Aid it seems. And more people are jumping onto the bandwagon today, hoping not to miss out on the ride — let’s hope it’s not a ride right over a cliff. I am intrigued… Continue Reading →

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