Driving back from the Revenue Boot Camp this afternoon, I listened to an interview on NPR.Org with GM’s Vice Chairman, Bill Lutz. He said it was his job to convince 300 million Americans that GM wasn’t all about building gas guzzling cars with lame, tacky interiors. And he’s been in sales and marketing in the auto industry since 1963!

I seriously don’t wish to disrespect Bill Lutz. But let’s get real. Surely you knew that your audience perceived you as a maker of gas guzzling cars with lame, tacky interiors a year or so ago? Well, actually a decade or so ago? Didn’t you even talk to your users outside Grand Rapids or Flint? And you’re NOW going to be the man to fix it?

Bill Lutz also said that they were going to ‘experiment’ with selling cars on eBay. eBay?!?! Errrmmm. Welcome to web 1.0, General Motors.

Someone needs to turn GM upside down and shake all the crumbly old men out of the corners. It’s a new world. The creators of the old world ain’t going to fix GM’s image.