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October 2009

Looking at subscriber and free churn rates

I was recently asked to look into churn rates for subscription models. I found it tricky to find real industry numbers, but here are the fruits of my digging. First of all, how we define churn: Total Subscribers = (Total… Continue Reading →


Is the elevator pitch outmoded?

Michael Port seems to think so. He believes it’s all about the conversation. Showing your passion with a back and a forth. But I have heard so, so many people totally fail at answering the question “so what does your… Continue Reading →

I want to get me one of these

I can’t wait for the Apple’s tablet. Sorry, Amazon. I have a Kindle. I just don’t like it. For a start, I keep poking the screen trying to navigate. I hate the flash as it moves through pages. I hate… Continue Reading →

Plenty of room for non-games in top iPhone spots

Looking today at the top 100 grossing apps for the iPhone. You can see them yourself here. (Will launch iTunes.) Of the top 100, 68 are games. 32 are various productivity or travel helping apps, including smattering of adult stuff… Continue Reading →

How much is too much to pay for a customer?

Been working with a client recently on the gnarly problems around how much to pay to acquire a customer. Thought it would be useful to share this nifty calculation with represents one way to look at the issue. Traditionally, companies… Continue Reading →

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