I am reading this article “Using Social Media to Change the World” about how you can expand your base of donors and supporters for just about anything. I have recent experience of this. I am participating in a sponsorship hike for one of my favorite organizations, Girl Ventures — a group that helps inner city adolescent girls experience the great outdoors in the summer.

I posted a link on my Facebook, and emailed a link to my friends, using “Sponsor Me” an app on Facebook. Within a day or two, I had raised $450. I can assure you, I’d never have raised for than 50 bucks ‘the old way.’ (If you want to participate, please do!)

This article has some great ideas, but one of the problems I encountered is that I wanted an app that I could post anywhere that promoted my particular cause. For example, with Facebook Causes, you have to use the Causes they have listed already. And mine wasn’t.

Nonetheless, even though I work way way more than four hours a week, I feel I can still take advantage of some of the ideas here.