Everything that Seth Godin writes gives me pause. Make sure he’s a staple of your media diet. Just read “The CPM Gap.” He believes advertisers consider their targets as victims to be interrupted. That doesn’t feel good.

Advertising on the Internet is still too much like ads in a glossy magazine. Not relevant to the context. Something you have to flip beyond to reach the rest of the story. Occasionally attractive to look at, but not the reason you came to the magazine. (Unless, of course, it’s Vogue magazine — which is basically a magazine of ads.)

Tomorrow’s advertising will be entertaining, educational, relevant, honest and content-rich. It will be integrated into a site’s user experience in a way that doesn’t distract the user and doesn’t make them beg for a close box. How much do I hate the ads that float across my screen? A very great deal. I hate them so much that to click on them would be an anathema. And to consider buying the product they promote? Never. Ever. Ever.