Very interesting report put out by Razorfish (been around a while, right? wasn’t sure they still were, but apparently they are). Called The Changing Consumer Experience. You can get it here for free.

Here are some of the interesting trends the article points out. They seem obvious, but as they say: it they were really that obvious more people would be paying attention to them. And they’re not.

  1. Content becomes advertising — content is an acquisition vehicle.
  2. Distribution is becoming more complex — today’s widget may be tomorrow’s TV set.
  3. Consumers increasingly customizing their digital experience around their own personal, niche interests.
  4. Video is the Internet star and online video consumption is exploding — nearly all professionally produced.
  5. Consumers prefer multiple digital destinations rather than a ‘one-stop’ destination — preferring to customize using tools like RSS.
  6. There’s a significant and inexorable trend towards using social media platforms for commercial goals.

The article makes some interesting points about using Facebook:

  • People want to feel special — put customers at the center; make them feel like a part-owner
  • Embrace the network: Communities get a brand’s message across faster, and with greater authenticity, than traditional media ever could
  • Make it interactive and participatory: find ways for users to interact

The emphasis here is on building a lasting, valuable relationship with customers. Giving them a voice. Responding to their desire to engage.