I have been privileged to work with some wonderful companies and colleagues. Here are a few of the kind things they’ve chosen to say.

All star talent is what comes to mind when describing Alice Lankester. I recruited Alice to join Friend2Friend as our CMO 4 years ago to help establish our company’s marketing and PR, to formulate our product positioning and strategy, to re-invent our offering as a SaaS platform…and to help inject energy and a sense of urgency into the company. To say Alice delivered would be an understatement. Alice poured her heart and soul into our business; applied her marketing and management expertise skillfully and helped transform our business. Finally, Alice is a doer…she gets stuff done! I am a huge Alice Lankester fan; I strongly recommend her, and would hire her again in a heartbeat.. — Roger Katz, CEO, Friend2Friend

Alice is such a pro. Even while working together during a rather frenetic growth and change phase for our employer, Alice was always strategic, diplomatic and, importantly, fun. She has a warmth, determination and reliability that puts all at ease.
– Ann Boyd, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Fox Interactive Media (News Corporation)

Alice is the most energetic, passionate, organized, and impressive marketing executive I have worked with. She’s an incredible manager and provides leadership beyond her direct reports. Her deep experience ranges from managing PR to product marketing. I highly recommend Alice!
–Alex Musil, Product Director, Facebook

Alice is one of the best clients we’ve worked with in the 12 years I’ve been with LEWIS – decisive, energetic, innovative, determined, and just damn fun to be around. Alice makes it happen. And she’s a Brit, so gets extra points for sense of humor, self-deprecation, and sheer understated charm.
– Morgan McLintic, Executive VP, Lewis Communications

Enthusiasm–it’s the most precious resource a startup can have. It’s what helps you move mountains and accomplish the impossible. Alice has a remarkable amount of enthusiasm, and it’s infectious. Coupled with her amazingly fast work pace, she’s someone you want leading your team. I particularly enjoyed watching her interact with engineers and developers: she was comfortable enough with technical details to use this as an asset and win advocates across the company for our projects (a difficult accomplishment for a marketer in Silicon Valley)
— Christopher Katsaros, Product Marketing Manager, Google

I am not overstating when I say that she singlehandedly restored my faith in the Marketing profession. Alice was a breath of fresh, pragmatic air in every meeting and conversation. She has a talent for bringing disparate stakeholders together and cutting through problems with the rare sort of directness that is effective without being grating. Not only was Alice top notch with product marketing and internal communication, but she was able to accomplish astounding things in her outward facing capacity. Time after time Alice brought in the kind of partner deals that most companies can only dream about. It seemed like practically every two weeks Alice had another huge partnership deal coming online for the company, and from huge international brands. It wasn’t just Alice who restored my faith in Marketing, but also the team she built here. She was able to very quickly attract top-notch people who were eager to work with her to the organization. Without Alice at the helm in Marketing I don’t think it would have been possible to attract or retain the level of talent that she brought in. I would consider it a privilege to get the chance to work with her again.
— Ian Peters-Campbell, CEO, Stickbuilt

I’ve rarely seen anyone with as much passion, direction and vision for what needs to be achieved, coupled with an immense capability for getting it done! Alice is a powerhouse, and someone I respect enormously for her work ethic, strategic insight, innovation and personable approach. Alice was a client of LEWIS while at Photobucket/Fox Interactive Media, and ranked very highly with myself and my team, for being so clear-headed, immensely practical and results-focused, as well as being tremendous fun to work for.
— Louise Thompson, Communications Leader, LewisPR.