Not that it’s should come as any surprise, but this past Cyber Monday’s sales generated by mobile phone visitors jumped by 260% since 2010 — more than 6x the growth of sales overall. The same study by Deloitte tells us to expect that 68% of smartphone owners will be using their handheld devices for holiday shopping this year. In a separate study released in September 2012 we are told that those mobile consumers will not like visiting a poorly designed mobile experience on their smartphone.

Google tells us that mobile-friendly web experiences drive sales, and that while 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly Website, 96% say they’ve encountered sites that were clearly not designed for mobile devices. So it’s clear then. You cannot ignore the mobile component of your marketing plan.

But what should you be thinking about, particularly with regard to the social component of your campaigns, when it comes to mobile? How do you approach mobile Facebook fans? Facebook users are accessing the site through their mobile devices in ever increasing numbers. In October of this year, Facebook announced they had 604 million monthly active users (MAUs) — an increase of 61% year over year. This compared to a 26% YoY for MAUs overall.

Where I work at Friend2Friend, an analysis of our clients’ branded Apps and Facebook Pages through 2012 has seen a significant increase in mobile activity. An average of 11% of all traffic to our branded mobile-enabled Facebook Apps now come from smartphones, a trend that has grown by 450% since January of 2012.

In addition, we have seen a tremendous growth in mobile likes for our clients on Facebook, with 350% more likes coming from mobile since January 2012.

Read this blog post for a study I performed of top brands and how they performed with mobile campaigns on Facebook.