Somewhat interesting post here called “Six Tips for Building Deeper Connections in Twitter”. It’s all quite fine, but isn’t this fairly obvious? That people don’t want to get spammed? That people want to be thanked?

I am learning a lot as I work with the Photobucket Twitter community. I say “thank you” to people who use Photobucket. I say “can we help?” to people who are stuck. 99 times out of 100, people say “thank you” back. Occasionally I get told to go away, but I’m not taking it personally! If your users know you are watching out for them, and are there to help, they honestly won’t mind.

I re-tweet and “heart” shout-outs and kudos. I follow links publicly posted and admire the photos or artwork. And I post links about features and content that I honestly think is useful to Photobucket followers.

These are pretty obvious Twitter tactics. But I guess not. If they were obvious, people would be doing them more often.