Here is a selection of the articles, interviews, white papers, events and similar content I have developed, written and produced on behalf of my clients.

June 2016: Making Business Case to Open Source your Software: The business, brand and community value of an open source software model.

May 2016: Seminar on the topic of ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) in the Financial Services Sector

April 2016: The Impact of Shadow IT in the Enterprise: Shadow IT — Workers Using Personal Devices and Cloud Services in the Enterprise — Has Impact Beyond the IT Department, Fostering a New Breed of Collaborative Enterprise Applications

March 2016: Renovate to Innovate: how ISVs can embrace a new generation of no-code developers as ‘change agents’ to fuel speed, agility and innovation in the enterprise.

March 2016: Enterprise APIs for Rapid Service Delivery

January 2016: Best practices for Agile software development white paper

November 2015: The collaborative enterprise: how unified communications technology is enabling enterprise transformation

August 2015: Software development outsourcing: partner or provider?

May 2015: How customer engagement campaigns impact customer experience

March 2015: Don’t outsource audience engagement — why your 2015 social strategy must include your brand website

February 2015: (Social) engagement shouldn’t just happen on Valentine’s Day

January 2015: 2015 will be the year of the brand community — here’s why

November 2014: 5 best practices for social promotions

October 2014: Top five social marketing trends for brands to watch for in 2015

September 2014: What brands can learn from the #ALSIceBucketChallenge

August 2014: When content meets social — aligning the content message to the social medium

July 2014: 5 engagement app strategies for converting fans and followers into content marketers

June 2014: Brands are preparing for a socially sophisticated World Cup

May 2014: Social organic reach is trending to zero: how to meet the challenge

April 2014: Brand, expert and social content — successful social marketing needs all three

March 2014: The hierarchy of social engagement value

February 2014: Your corporate website is dead — but social audiences can bring it back to life

January 2014: $4m for 30 seconds — will brands continue scoring with #hashtags after the big game?

January 2014: Five predictions for social marketing in 2014

December 2013: What’s the real value of Twitter for brands?

November 2013: Five engagement app strategies for converting fans and followers into content marketers

November 2013: 50 things every demand gen marketer needs to do

November 2013:  How to create sales-ready leads with style

September 2013: Three ways to improve your Facebook app engagement

September 2013: Facebook updates promotions policies

October 2013: Get your campaign into the social stream this holiday season

August 2013: Five easy ways to master content marketing on LinkedIn

August 2013: Post-Facebook earnings: three critical investment opportunities for brands

July 2013: Ingredients of top B2B content marketing strategies on LinkedIn

June 2013: Master of Ceremonies for the WITI (Women in Technology) Hall of Fame 2013

June 2013: No more B2C marketing envy

>May 2013: What social fragmentation means for marketers

May 2013: LinkedIn could rival Facebook’s dominance

April 2013: Advertising on Facebook is about community, not clicks

April 2013: GM is back on Facebook, but is it to make fans?

November 2010: Restaurants Reach Customers with Social Media, NYTimes, Jan 2011

November 2010: ad:tech Panelist: Geo-Loco: Local at the Bleeding Edge + Making Money with Location-Based Services

August 2010: Virgin America’s Geo-Social Loss Leader Gets Huge Response

July 2009: Speaker: Revenue Bootcamp on Freemium business models.

June 2009: Video presentation on the new Yahoo! Photobucket mail application

April 2009: Marketwatch: “Photobucket reveals twelve Photobucket users selected for inclusion in the official Obama Inaugural Book

March 2009: Typepad case study on corporate blogs

Feb 2009: Mobile Marketer

Jan 2009: Reuters: World-renowned Presidential Photographers Team Up with All Americans to Produce Official Obama Inaugural Photo Book Project

Jan 2009:  LA Times, Inauguration day prompts rush of social media

May 2008:  CBS News “The Wonders of Digital Photo Sharing

December 2007: Fast Company “Halloween 2.0: How Web Companies Trick and Treat.”

December 2007: Nature Conservancy and Photobucket Go Green

December 2007: TV appearance, ABC Local, “Green Christmas”

October 2007: Fortune Magazine, wiFi cameras

April 2007: MediaPost “The Wonderful World of Webkinz.”

March 2007: Radio interview with CBS about Photobucket

February 2007:, Putting consumers in the director’s chair

November 2006: Tech address interview about FilmLoop

June 2006: Radio interview, FilmLoop at eBay Live

June 2006: Making meaning with Guy Kawaski at eBay Live

Feb 2006: eBay Radio, FilmLoop developer of the month