September 2014 - Alice Lankester

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September 2014

I’m glad #ALSIceBucketChallenge is over … now what can we learn?

As a marketer, watching a breakout viral story unfold before my social network eyes is always fascinating. How did that start? Why did that one catch fire and others didn’t? Last month, I wrote this article for ClickZ, in collaboration with my colleague… Continue Reading →


Airbnb’s growth hacking story

Airbnb, like many successful ‘out of nowhere’ startups began its life by solving a problem that the founders had themselves in 2007 — they wanted to rent out their own San Francisco apartment. They soon found out that they were not just solving their own problem, they were solving a problem that people all over the world had too — a solution that is now worth $10B. Here are the things that stood out for me with what Airbnb did to succeed.

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