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September 2013

Startup postmortems — they’re all the rage right now

I have been involved in many startups. The same problems come up time and again. But it seems that teams often just want to go out and learn lessons the hard way, just because they believe that’s the only way… Continue Reading →


Is Facebook doomed?

Vivek Wadhwa, Fellow at Stanford University, considers Facebook doomed, because: “Google is exploring uncharted territory and staking its claims to the next trillion-dollar market opportunities. Facebook is mired in the past and squeezing every penny it can out of its… Continue Reading →

The Content Marketing Landscape: how brands are owning breaking news

I hadn’t heard David Shing speak before now, but I’m glad I have now. His brief, but energetic, talk linked below reminds me why this is a great time to be a digital marketer. We’ve moved from the traditional one-to-many… Continue Reading →

Forbes Magazine covers Friend2Friend’s Outside Magazine engagement

Delighted to have secured a great article in Forbes Magazine, ‘Creating Scalable, Engaging Editorial Content with MaaS — ‘Media as a Service.’ Forbes Magazine has published a review of how Friend2Friend’s Best Town Ever 2013 Social Voting Contest for Outside… Continue Reading →

Mastering content marketing on LinkedIn

Social strategies and content marketing strategies must be closely coupled in order to work. This is where LinkedIn has emerged as a huge business marketing opportunity. Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, talked recently of his plans for LinkedIn to become… Continue Reading →

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