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January 2011

Social Media ROI


Which social media monitoring tool should you use?

Read the article here from Fresh Networks. Lots of good stuff to share.

Vitamin Water crowd-sourced their latest flavor

A new Vitamin Water flavor launching in March 2011 — lime and cherry “Connect” — was designed by Vitamin Water’s Facebook fans. Fans created the flavor, designed the package, and named the product. This is the new kind of focus… Continue Reading →

Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing

Excellent article: Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing

My first e-book vacation

I just returned from my first iPad vacation. For the very first time, I took not a single “physical” book. Just an iPad, pre-populated with some yummy literary treats. The outcome? Good, but mostly not so good. Good because it… Continue Reading →

Is this really a reason not to crowd-source?

Interesting article here in Mashable about Pepsi’s attempts to crowd-source their Superbowl commercial. Just because Pepsi chose to feature in some way (I don’t know how prominently) the Doritos/Communion Wafer submission — a submission that offended Catholic groups — doesn’t… Continue Reading →

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