March 2010 - Alice Lankester

Alice Lankester


March 2010

Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change.

Reviewing the Pew Research Center Report “The Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change.” (I know I don’t need to tell you that the Millennials are 18-28 year olds.) As this audience represents the vast majority of the people I “talk”… Continue Reading →


Tracking buzz with Viralheat

I’m a little bit loving Viralheat right now. Viralheat will search the online world for mentions keywords, phrases, and brand names you choose. I’m fairly new to it, but I like the way it gives me charts so I can… Continue Reading →

Developing a social media strategy

Millions of bytes of information already exist out there covering how to approach building a social media strategy. Few come with the street cred of Charlene Li and Jeremiah Owyang. Check out this excellent article “Developing a Social Strategy.” Step… Continue Reading →

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