January 2010 - Alice Lankester

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January 2010

I miss my vinyl albums

I was reading this article from Digital Music News today “Recording Industry In 2009: Albums Down 12.7 Percent, Digital Still Gaining” that reports vinyl LP sales in 2009 were up 33% to 2.5 million. What’s that? Vinyl LP sales? Really?… Continue Reading →


Sorting out my digital viewing

With all these tasty announcements from CES of my future TV viewing toys, I amuse myself by looking at the utter muddle of my own TV viewing life. Let’s see I have; * A Netflix account; they love me at… Continue Reading →

Evony Video Game Ads

I’ve had cause to review Evony ads recently. Users I’m working with now find them offensive. I can see why. They range from Victoria Secret style underwear to borderline violent with obvious phallic symbols. Still. It’s a free world. I… Continue Reading →

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