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July 2009

What makes a great marketing campaign?

Is it a formula? Luck? Rohit Bhargava’s “Influential Marketing Blog” describes the winner of the International Cannes Film Festival‘s award for a great marketing campaign: a marketing campaign called “The Best Job in the World” for a little-known island off… Continue Reading →


The CPM Gap — what does this mean?

Everything that Seth Godin writes gives me pause. Make sure he’s a staple of your media diet. Just read “The CPM Gap.” He believes advertisers consider their targets as victims to be interrupted. That doesn’t feel good. Advertising on the… Continue Reading →

It’s time for a fresh new look, GM

Driving back from the Revenue Boot Camp this afternoon, I listened to an interview on NPR.Org with GM’s Vice Chairman, Bill Lutz. He said it was his job to convince 300 million Americans that GM wasn’t all about building gas… Continue Reading →

More information about YouSendIt’s Freemium offering

Thank you to Guillaume Cohen of Veodia.com for providing me some more details about YouSendIt’s freemium conversion rates. See this link on Gigaom from 2006 that indicates that YouSendIt has 2.5M registered users, and around 9M visitors per month. It… Continue Reading →

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