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June 2009

Looking at “Freemium” business models

I’m looking forward to participating in the Garage Technology Ventures’ “Revenue Bootcamp” on July 10th, discussing, amongst other things, freemium business models, digital goods, and affiliate programs. What is Freemium?A business model where a company combines both free and paid… Continue Reading →


Turning Generosity into Profits

Reading “Favor Enhancement: Real gratitude can be profitable. How, then, to create it?” in the New York Times magazine. In this article, the author Rob Walker highlights a new program by Hyatt Hotels whereby staff members ‘randomly’ perform acts of… Continue Reading →

What social media sites should you take a look at?

Just reading “50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence On.” Just in case there’s any doubt that you really need full-time staff — even if you are small — to manage your social presence, this article should convince… Continue Reading →

How one crazy guy becomes a movement

Oh heavens, how I love this. A perfect example how one crazy out-there dude becomes a movement. The video is the perfect embodiment of how trends take off! See this post from Seth Godin. Postscript April 2010: Check out this… Continue Reading →

How much cooler could Flip get?

I have to admit it. I’m biased. Not just because my life-so-far-partner Peter Winer is the lead engineer on the new Flip Channels product. But because I think the Flip video camera is just the perfect juxtaposition of cool and… Continue Reading →

Marketing your business with your blog

Most sensible advice from Darren Rowse “13 Tips for Marketing Your Business With Your Blog.” Easy, simple, obvious advice. But if it were really obvious, more companies would do it. So I guess it’s not that obvious. Thanks, Darren.

Do you know who your real friends are?

Reading the New York Times’ piece “What Do Friends Mean.” Quote: “Today’s idea: The rise of social media and the downturn in the economy have people thinking long and hard about the value and meaning of friends — psychologically, socially… Continue Reading →

What’s on your dashboard?

One of the most useful things marketers can do is help colleagues measure the activity and behavior of our users. To that end, two monthly dashboards are recommended: a financial dashboard and a marketing activities dashboard. Both should be put… Continue Reading →

Social conversations — the shock of the new

I have learned more from being the official Photobucket tweeter (http://twitter.com/photobucket) in the past few months, then over two years of watching customer service reports, following Yahoo Answers, searching blogs for our brand and more. The immediacy of reply, and… Continue Reading →

Which brands get it right (and wrong) when trying to reach youth

Here are some interesting live insights taken from a panel of 8 teenagers at the YPulse Conference, watching advertisements and giving their feedback live. The teenagers were diverse in ethnicity and interests, and came from different parts of America. Refresh… Continue Reading →

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