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May 2009

Awkward Family Photos — fabulously viral

I have had this site shared with me five or six times in the past two weeks. It’s hysterical and weirdly compelling. Take a look.


Driving traffic and building awareness in budget-challenged times

I seem a lot of this in my job. How to do more with less. Without hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even a small percentage of that, to fill the awareness/consideration end of the marketing funnel, how do you… Continue Reading →

How to choose the right PR firm for your company

I have learned a little over the past years about how to go about selecting a PR firm. I thought it would be useful to myself, and possibly others, to outline what I have learned. 1. Set Goals Without PR… Continue Reading →

tweetmeme — what’s popular when

tweetmeme is my new toy for watching what’s going on in the Twitosphere. It allows you to watch for any terms and get stats for the last day, week and month. I particularly like the categories, where you can… Continue Reading →

What do the top tweeters tweet about?

If you’re interested in finding out what the top tweeters tweet, go here: Dave Winer of Scripting News wrote this app that shows you just what they’re tweeting. It’s a very mixed bag. Stephen Fry is still my favorite… Continue Reading →

Are Twitter celebrities “real”?

Here’s a site, just dedicated to figuring out if Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc. celebrities are real. Or not. The site has rather a lengthy procedure you have to go through to make sure that you’re “real.” See it here:… Continue Reading →

What makes a message viral?

My favorite part of this article is the reference to NOLS, as I’m sending my daughter to NOLS this summer. What makes a message viral? It’s an opportunity to share something cool, interesting, money saving, life saving, fun, funny. It… Continue Reading →

Getting starting with corporate social media marketing

There are dozens, no hundreds, and probably thousands of decent articles about how corporate brands should get started with social media marketing. This article may, or may not, bring you something new. For me, it reflects a little of what… Continue Reading →

How you can build your own creative genius

I am finding this article about Walt Disney’s creative genius very interesting. More than putting it work to at work, I’m going to discuss it with my children. Combining their creative dreams with a healthy dose of reality is a… Continue Reading →

What do great viral videos have in common?

Reading “What do great viral videos have in common?” It says they all great viral videos make you: Connect with you personally, and Want to share them with friends No duh on the last one. That’s viral, isn’t it? What… Continue Reading →

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