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May 2009

10 tips for building brand communities

Excellent article. 10 Tips for Building Brand Communities. It really underscores how communications in marketing is no longer just top down — it’s a dialog. Twitter has taught us so much about this in a really short space of time,… Continue Reading →


Nerds Rule — for this teen

I am fascinated that the Vlogbrothers are one of my 13-year old daughter’s favorite channels on YouTube. These guys are seriously nerdy. She falls over laughing watching them. You never can tell, can you? Love it.

Social media marketing showing growth and optimism

According to this eMarketer article “Will Digital Marketing Prove Profitable,” the economy is driving marketers to show measurable ROI for their marketing efforts, and is also driving them online to social media marketing tactics. Marketers believe that social media marketing… Continue Reading →

“I’ve heard of them” — the value of being well-known name

Reading Seth Godin’s blog post “On becoming a household name.” So much of what we try to do in marketing is to build brand awareness so that when a user comes to the decision-making point, they say “I’ll go with… Continue Reading →

eMarketer: How people share online video

Just finished reading a report from eMarketer about future of sharing video online. You can find the full article here: (Subscription required. (c) eMarketer Inc.) The study cited statistics that indicate that online video in the US is now… Continue Reading →

“Only” 8% of teens watch TV online” Only?

Just finished reading this report from The Hollywood Reporter: a survey about teen TV watching habits you can read here. The report states that “only” 8% of teens say they watch TV online.” But I honestly think this summary of… Continue Reading →

Need a seriously good belly laugh?

I just love podcasts. And the BBC, I think, has some of the best out there. A new one I just ‘discovered’ is Friday Night Comedy Night. You can discover it here: Do yourself a favor and subscribe. You… Continue Reading →

Are you tweeting too hard?

… then you may appear on this site: I spent an amused 15 minutes trolling the site. What a lot of self-important people there are out there. Can’t you hear yourselves?! Note to self: humility is a good thing…. Continue Reading →

Seth Godin Rocks!

I was first introduced to Seth Godin’s work by one of my all-time-favorite people Guy Kawasaki. (I know. I’m not alone in that crowd.) I read his book Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers. He… Continue Reading →

Effective versus Measurable: Evaluating Marketing Tactics

I work in very budget constrained times. I am constantly looking for new ways to get the word out that are low cost, but remain effective. But sometimes the easy, cheap methods of getting the word out are really hard… Continue Reading →

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