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April 2009

Thought provoking: why there will be many twitters

Dave Winer got me thinking. As he regularly does. “Why there will be many Twitters.” Twitter is a vast, amorphous group of people most of which I have ZERO interest in. There’s just too much and it’s overwhelming. It is… Continue Reading →


A terrific viral video: Honda “Let It Shine”

We’re all loving this Honda “Let It Shine” viral ad. It’s beautifully done, and a great example of how advertisement can be entertainment. See it here.

Who am I today?

I have the following profile pictures: IM (Yahoo, AOL, MSN), Twitter, LinkedIn my blog, my Facebook page, my MySpace page. There’s probably more, I just can’t think of them right now. I just updated my Twitter picture. But that leaves… Continue Reading →

Now I can find out what it’s all about

I just started using two tools … http://www.whatthetrend.com/ and http://www.tweetcloud.com. The first tells me why certain things are trending on Twitter. The second gives me an up-to-date cloud of tweets. Both very useful. Try them out!

Using Social Media to Change the World

I am reading this article “Using Social Media to Change the World” about how you can expand your base of donors and supporters for just about anything. I have recent experience of this. I am participating in a sponsorship hike… Continue Reading →

Twitter — shiny new toy

So Ashton’s got a million followers. Oprah introduced legions to Twitter. It’s not a shiny new toy any more. It’s time to write about how it will mature. The more I use Twitter, the more I love it. But time… Continue Reading →

The art (and science) of re-tweeting

Dan Zarrella has written an interesting post about what makes a tweet more likely to get re-tweeted. There’s lots of fun data in there, as well as an impressive algorithm or two, but here’s the crux of the advice: Ask… Continue Reading →

Building deeper connections in Twitter

Somewhat interesting post here called “Six Tips for Building Deeper Connections in Twitter”. It’s all quite fine, but isn’t this fairly obvious? That people don’t want to get spammed? That people want to be thanked? I am learning a lot… Continue Reading →

Are you parents on Facebook?

I’m loving this YouTube video asking two kids “Are your parents on Facebook?” Absolutely LOVE the second guy. Talking about his mother: “She also has a Twitter. I don’t have a Twitter. Which makes me even more embarrassed.” I probably… Continue Reading →

What’s a fan worth?

Interesting article on PaidContent, titled ” What Are A Million Social-Media Followers, Friends or Subscribers Worth.?” These are such new phenomenons that brands are struggling to understand if there’s specific monetary value in all these lines of communication. I say… Continue Reading →

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